How to open an online store with ABSOLUTELY NO MONEY!

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If your like me, you have seen titles like the title of this post before and when you clicked on it you immediately was disappointed because the post didn’t deliver the promise it made in the title. THIS Will NOT BE ONE OF THOSE POSTS! I PROMISE! I will not waste your time like the authors of those false advertising blog posts did. Because I used to be you, I know exactly what you’re looking for and what you’re not looking for!

So let’s get down to it. At this you probably have done all your research and know exactly what you need to open a business and you probably know how to get it, but you just don’t have the money. Truth is, you DON’T NEED ANY MONEY TO OPEN A BUSINESS ONLINE! You just need KNOWLEDGE, and I will give you the knowledge you need to be successful.

First thing first, what do you need to open a business online?  It depends on what type of business your trying to run. If your looking to offer a service online than your setup will be super easy, if your looking to offer products and don’t have the money to purchase the products than guess what, your setup will be super easy also (I’m not bullsh**ing)

Steps to opening a service business online for free:

  1.  Set up a site
  2. Promote Your Services
  3. Start Selling

Okay so you want to open a services business online. It can cost you completely nothing to do this. This set-up will be extremely easy just choose a name for your business, determine the services your going to sell, set up a free website, choose your payment gateway (paypal, stripe, square etc.), create a account for business on a few social media sites, and start promoting your business. You can promote your services either any way you choose, such as a billboard ad, newspaper ad, via social media etc.  It doesn’t take much to open a service business online, in fact i have seen individuals that have done it without a website, by just using their social media accounts.

Now lets talk about opening a Product Based Business online with $0 Startup Capital

Opening a free product based business will be a tad bit different from opening a service business but still easy!

Steps to opening up a online product based business:

  1. Determine what your going to sell
  2. Find a source for the products
  3. Set up a website
  4. Promote your business to attract customers
  5. Start Selling

To open up your business you must first determine what your going to be selling. Once you have that figured out you have to find a way for you to source the products. Since you have no money to go out and purchase items to sell, I would like to introduce you to Drop-shipping. Drop-Shipping is a supply chain management method in which the retailer does not keep goods in stock but instead transfers customer orders and shipment details to either the manufacturer, another retailer, or a wholesaler, who then ships the goods directly to the customer.

How can you use Drop-Shipping To Sells Products Without Having to purchase them yourself? 

Drop shipping is fulfillment business where the retailer (that would be you) never actually owns the inventory you are selling to your customers. Instead, you are selling the goods on your website and passing the orders you receive onto the drop shipping company for them to fulfill and ship out to your customers. Your profit is the difference between what you charge your customers and what the drop shipping company charges you. One of the best things about drop-shipping is that there is absolutely not any out of pocket costs to you, you don’t have to worry about purchasing package materials, shipping fees, buying inventory, or nothing. You just list the products, get the orders than pass them to the drop-shipping company. Super Easy!

Where can I find Drop-Shipping Companies?

I will be nice and give you a list of free Drop-shipping companies even though i caught hell trying to find them ( and ended up paying a pretty penny for a list similar to the one i’m giving you for free) when i first started my business 2 years ago.


Okay so after you figured out what you will be selling and found a drop-shipping company to source the products you will need to get a website up and running to start list the products. I have listed a few free e-commerce sites below that you will find helpful. After you have set up your site, you will then need to start promoting your products in order to attract customers. This takes time and a little bit of work but it can be done!

There are tons of free E commerce sites on the net but here are my 4 favorites:


  • $0 PER MONTH
  • Connect to their global community and receive additional sales at just 10% commission.


  • $0 PER MONTH
  • Get access to 15 free business tools

Big cartel:

  • $0 PER MONTH
  • Free plan – List up to 5 Products/Services (Great for Service Businesses that offer only a few services)

Square up:

  • $0 PER MONTH
  • Deposits in one to two business days
  • Instant deposits available

Each one of these sites are fully customizable and extremely easy to set up!

I don’t recommend using Big Cartel for those of you wanting to start product based businesses because with their free plan you can only list 5 products, but it is a great choice if your starting a service based business with a limited number of services.


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