How My Blog Went ‘Mini-Viral” 5 Days After Launching It

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. blog went viral in 5 days

How My Blog Went Mini- Viral 5 Days After Launching
I will never forget this day! in fact, it was Saturday, November 5, 2016, at approximately 10 A.M. when those beautiful notifications started to pour in. I was stoked when I achieved this small victory. My site went viral well “mini-viral”, I received 2,927 views and 57 subscribers this day! At first, I was a little disappointed in the small number of subscribers versus the huge number of viewers but gaining 57 new subscribers in 1 day is still a major win. I was extremely surprised, I was thinking no way this is happening, I just launched this blog 5 days ago! I was completely stunned and a couple days later my overall views totaled 6,000+!

Just when I was starting to rethink my decision on starting this blog a miracle happened. I’m a newbie, not to the blogging world but a newbie but to the blogging business world. I ran another blog (which was a fashion) for 3 years, this was from the time of 2012-2015. I gained a little success from that blog and enjoyed creating content for that blog, but I couldn’t find a way to turn integrate my services and business resources into that fashion centered blog, so I created Passion Meets Profit.

I created this blog to display my talents in business, and to build a platform that could help future and current small business owners build a successful business. I knew that this blog would have a potentially large audience, (there are nearly 28 million small businesses in the U.S.) but I also knew I would have to work extremely hard to attract that audience! So I put myself to work, My goal was to gain a minimum of 10,000 views my first month of launching this blog and within less than a week of launching I my blog had 6,100 views. I know you’re probably stoked to find out how I did this so I’ll quit the small talk and share the strategies that worked for this small victory!

These are the 4 strategies that helped my site go “Mini-Viral”:

Facebook – Viewing my stats I noticed that about 45% of my viewers came from Facebook. I use to really hate Facebook and never really liked using it until I learned about how useful Facebook groups could be to bloggers and business owners. So I deleted my personal Facebook account and created a new one for my business. I joined about 20 Facebook groups and made it my duty to find my blogging tribe by highly engaging in about 10 of the 20 groups. 2 of the 10 Facebook groups I’m participating in are highly focused on my blogs’ niche. Each time I entered the group I would introduce myself, not my blog or business, and then I got to know the people in the group and introduced my site and business to the people I connected with. This wasn’t hard, it was super easy and didn’t take long.

Pinterest – I was a little bit on the fence about using Pinterest too. I have had a Pinterest account ever since I started my fashion blog 4 years ago, I never seemed to gain a following on Pinterest and now I know why. Back then I didn’t know how to use Pinterest. Well sure I knew how to create boards, post to the boards and like and follow other accounts, but I still didn’t know how to use Pinterest. After reading so many posts of successful bloggers that say Pinterest generates almost 50 – 60% of their monthly page views I decided to that I would learn how to become ” Pinterest Savvy”. So I did lots of research and made lots of changes, I learned how to use Pinterest and I’m finally starting to gain followers and likes after having a dead account for 5 years.

Instagram – I love Instagram and it has been bringing in the majority of my retail business customers for the last past two years. I took the same tactics I was using for my store and use them for my blog. I simply created a well-branded profile, use appropriate hashtags so that my audience could find my post, and post content that I know potential readers would love and Viola! New readers started pouring in.


Sharing & Caring – Ever heard of give others what you want to receive? Well, that’s one of the things I did to gain most of my page-views. I visited other sites that are similar to mine, shared content I liked and left a comment on the post. I would use the comment as a time to introduce myself. Once the author of the post responds to my comment we would engage a little and I would leave a link to my site for them to check out my content. If the author liked my content the would share it also.


There is no right or wrong way to market your blog or business. You just have to discover strategies that work for you.
Lastly, let me say engagement is key! To connect with your audience your going to need to get to know them! Your social presence should not just be focused on selling (or gaining view, likes and comments). You should use your social presence as a way to truly connect with people. People are more likely to purchase or view and share your content if they feel as is they know who.


8 thoughts on “How My Blog Went ‘Mini-Viral” 5 Days After Launching It

  1. Thanks for sharing! I am still having a hard time finding my “tribe”. My niche (cocktails and cocktail culture) doesn’t seem to have a lot of dedicated sites, but reading posts like these motivates me to keep looking!

    1. Don’t stop searching! Are you on pinterest? There a lot of awesome cocktail bloggers on there, like Amanda from The wholesome dish If you are on pinterest try joining pinterest group boards that fits your niche.

      here are some cocktail bloggers groups on pinterest:

  2. I was really anti Facebook early on as well, and then I started learning hours to use it to my advantage. I live in the groups and rarely visit my own newsfeed. Twitter has a been a big success for me, and I am struggling to understand Pinterest and Flipboard. But, I think in time all things will come! Congrats on your start up success!

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