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The Mission

Passion Meets Profit is the resource you need to Help Find Your Passion And Turn It Into A Profitable Business. This  site is dedicated to future business owners that are looking for the answers and solution that work to help turn their business ideas into money in the bank!

Meet the Maker


Juana La'Shea


I’m Juana, an accounting student, online shop owner and blogger. When I'm not crunching numbers you can find me here, where I share tips and tools to help you build a successful business/brand.

In an effort to provide answers and solutions to questions and problems newbies in the business world constantly have Passion Meets Profit was created.

Before you ask, What do i know about creating a business? I will answer the question for you, Well unlike most age-20 something students i know, I took the information I learned my first 2.5 years of college (I'm a business major) and combined it with what I Learned from running/starting my own business on my own and created helpful content that can help you get your business up and running.