6 Side-Hustle Businesses You Can Start In Less Than A Month

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Whether you’re looking to pick up an extra job to make ends meet or just wanting something productive to do when your not working that 9-5, having a side-hustle can be a huge benefit.

I have curated a small list of 6 side-hustle ideas that you can start-up and begin  generating income from within  a months time.

  1. Blogging
  2. Virtual Assistant
  3. Selling Thrift Store Prices 
  4. Taxi/Uber driver
  5. Mystery shopper
  6. Create a service

1). Blogging – Blogging is one of the most highest paid side hustle ideas there is! When it comes to the amount of income you can make in a month from blogging the sky is the limit. I noticed bloggers like Taylor from Smart and Simplistic who made $300 her first-month blogging! You can learn how she did it here. There are also awesome bloggers like Michelle from Making Scents of It who managed to make just over $90,000 in one month from blogging (not from her first month), you can read up on how she did it here. As you can see blogging can very rewarding.  If you’re looking to start blogging there are 4 easy steps you can take to get you started in no time:

1). Find Your Niche

2). Set Up Your Blog

3). Create Great Content

4). Monetize It!

2). Become A Virtual Assistant – Virtual Assistant positions are a great choice for stay at home moms or individuals who enjoy working from home. As a Virtual Assistant,  you can expect to handle an array of tasks for clients such as; Set up appointments, organizing and collecting data, managing a clients’ social media, planning events, making purchases, etc. There are so many different things you can do as a virtual assistant. To find Virtual Assistant Positions you visit these sites:

If want to learn some really helpful tips to help you make $500 your first month as a virtual assistant then you may want visit Carrie from Careful Sents  and check out her awesome post on How to Make Your First $500 as a Newbie Virtual Assistant.

3). Sell Thrift Store Pieces-  Every thrift store and flea market offer a real treasure hunt. So many people have made some serious cash from just simply visiting thrift store finding used items they know has value and reselling them online. Alexandra Marquez for example, who has made $5,000 a month selling thrift store finds on poshmark.

4). Become a Taxi Driver with Lyft or Uber- Unless you have been living under a rock for the past 3 years, you know what Uber and Lyft is. Uber and Lyft are ride-sharing apps.  If you’re looking for a side – hustle that requires the least amount of work as possible, I would recommend you try either one of these two Taxi Companies.

5). Become A Mystery Shopper – If your good at providing feedback and wouldn’t mind getting paid to do evaluations on some of your local stores or if you just simply want to get paid to go shopping, then you should think about trying mystery shopping as a side hustle. View this post to learn about the best Mystery Shopping Companies To Work For.

6). Create A Service –  Are you really skilled something that people might be needing? If so, you can offer this skill as service. A lot of people make money by offering services, and you can too. Just simply set up a good website so that your future clients/customers will be able to find you, and simply market your services well so that you can attract clients and Tada! You got yourself a servicing side-hustle(this can also a good full-time business idea).

Each Side-Hustle Idea I listed can generate income for you in a 30-day time period, however, you must be willing to do the work!

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